Parking Ponderings

Is The Search For a Spot Putting a Damper on the Fun?

When you run an entertainment facility, you know you need to stay in the spirit of fun. Your customers are headed out for a night on the town, to watch their team win, see their favorite singer perform, or try their hand at winning big.

You want your customers to arrive ready to cheer, sing, or […]

Don’t Have the Budget for Parking Counting?

Hospitals  face myriad expenses with constantly changing technology, diverse departments with unique budgetary needs, and efforts to stay on the cutting edge of medicine. Parking very often is not at the forefront of a hospital’s budgetary plans.

And while hospital management may be well aware of the benefits of parking counting systems in getting patients and […]

Can Smart Parking Improve Traffic Congestion?

Congested roads are more than an annoyance; they’re a threat to a city’s infrastructure and its ability to thrive.

How do cities address this critical issue? Oftentimes it’s by adding more lanes or creating more roadways. While this may alleviate some of the congestion in the short term, traffic usually soon fills the added space leaving […]

It’s the Show You’ve Been Waiting For

It’s only one month away and you don’t want to miss it.

With over 3,500 parking professionals from more than 30 countries across the world, the IPI (International Parking Institute) Conference is the parking event of the year.

Boasting the largest display of parking innovations and technology in the world, there’s something for everyone.

Parking Logix will be […]

Is Smart the New Stupid?

Is digital stardust embedded in tiny sensors magically making your city, or parking lots, smarter?

While the move toward making all things “smart” is a growing trend, technology alone can’t create a world that is more sustainable, intuitive, and responsive to people’s needs.

Ultimately it’s people, not just data, that create the paradigm of smart living. Data alone […]

Texas Parking & Transportation Tradeshow

Hey Texans! You don’t want to miss this.

Parking Logix will be exhibiting from March 26-29 at the 2018 Texas PTA Annual Conference & Tradeshow in Houston.

This year’s conference will attract close to 300 parking professionals with opportunities to network, learn, and stay on top of new parking trends.

The show will take place at the Marriott […]

Keeping Yourself, and Your Lot, in Shape

How About a Free Fitbit?
The last weeks of summer are here and we’re all trying to get the most out of them with trips to the beach, pool, and lake. Now is the time to squeeze in that last minute exercise for your healthiest and best looking summer. What’s the best way to make sure you’re getting enough exercise? […]

Walk Smart, Park Smart and Win a Fitbit® Alta

Walk Smart, Park Smart

You know that feeling when it seems like you keep walking but the weight’s going nowhere? There’s a better way to make sure you’re getting enough exercise.

Devices like the Fitbit® keep track of every step so you know when you’re walking enough, and when you’re not. But what does that have to do […]

Happier Customers= Better Bottom Line

Are Your Customers Happy?
As a parking lot owner or manager, you probably often wonder how you will fill the spots in your lot and improve your lot’s revenue. Chances are, you spend a lot less time wondering if your customers are happy and what you can do about it. Parking can often be stressful as drivers are pressed for […]

An Unexpected Benefit of Parking Counting

Are Your Spots Paid for?
As more lots move from gated & controlled to self-directed payment, asset owners are often left to wonder: are parkers always paying for their spots? Is non-compliance an issue? How often, when, and where? For smaller lots, a quick manual check of car dashboards can ensure that drivers are paying but […]