Using Parking Counter Technology To Reveal Payment Compliance

In an effort to reduce both manpower and technology costs from parking operations, many operators and asset owners have transitioned from fully manned gated facilities to self-directed payment schemes (pay and display, pay by plate, pay by space, pay by phone). While the savings of these control methods are evident and immediate upon the removal […]

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4 Quick Tips for Using Parking Occupancy Data

With the increasing prevalence of parking counting and parking guidance technology in parking facilities across the globe, asset owners are now provided with new, accurate sets of occupancy data that were not always previously available. As this technology is implemented, managers are now challenged on how to quickly use the data in a meaningful manner […]

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When to say LOT FULL?

As a parking manager, there was nothing I liked more than seeing that every space was filled in my garages, and my client’s facilities had optimized their capacity. But is indicating FULL on your parking counting VMS (Variable Messaging sign) always the best option to show oncoming motorists? Are there any times where it’s best not to be full?

While […]

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