Security, luggage and small children already create enough stress for travelers, why add parking stress to the mix? Passengers are often rushing against the clock, hoping not to be late for their departures.


OpenSpace™ is a tool that benefits all Airport and Transit drivers by providing them with the right information at the right time. Advance notice through digital signage can enable direct drivers to lots with adequate capacity so they can better manage departure and arrival pickup times. This will also prevent lineups at busier facilities when there isn’t room for oncoming cars!

OpenSpace™ will:

  • Alert oncoming motorists of available spaces and direct them into the facility with available parking spaces, allowing them to park in as little time as possible
  • Increase revenues by increasing service standards against competing nearby off-airport facilities
  • Reduce time visitors spend looking for available spaces and reduce the stress often associated with travel or missing their train to work in the morning
  • Guide your parkers to vacant spaces to fill the facility more efficiently
  • Reduce emissions by decreasing circulation on nearby roadways
  • Get accurate and timely count data to make informed rate changes to optimize revenues and to drive better facility development decision making