You want your customers to spend less time searching for parking and more time enjoying themselves. Avoid having disgruntled, frustrated customers and help provide a more welcoming experience by guiding drivers to where spaces are free.


With OpenSpace™, you can direct customers to less busy parking areas so they can get to their favorite tables, games or show seat as fast as possible.

With OpenSpace™ you can offer your customers:

  • Easier navigation to parking spots and reduced time circling the area
  • Immediate attention to their needs as you receive alerts any time a lot fills up so you can add valet or open new lots
  • Better parking development as you track and count data from customizable reports to understand how your parking supply is meeting your parking demand
  • Shuttles or valet service when you learn that parking lots are full
  • A greener premises as you reduce emissions from cars circulating your venue looking for available spaces
  • A VIP experience that gets them inside as quickly and safely as possible