There are fewer happy reasons to visit hospitals than negative ones, with many visitors and patients arriving at health care centers already in a stressed state. In addition, with major shift changes throughout the clock, managing traffic flow can prevent accidents and increase parking lot safety.


Take the hassle out of searching for parking spaces and allow your patients, visitors, and staff to start their experience calmer and more relaxed. We could all use a bit of Zen…

OpenSpace™ allows you to:

  • Provide easier navigation to parking spots and reduced time circling for a more positive parking experience
  • Improve service for all stakeholders, from doctors and nurses to patients, visitors and volunteers
  • Reduce congestion from circulating vehicles and increase pedestrian safety as vehicles park faster and spend less time on hospital roads
  • Allow patients to view available spaces online so they can better calculate their time and avoid being late to appointments
  • Decrease emissions and reduce your carbon footprint by limiting the time vehicles spend looking for available parking spots