Let your tenants and visitors know that your parking lot is open for business! With OpenSpace™ you can ensure that visitors and customers spend more time on site and less time looking for a parking spot.


Improve your service levels with the convenience of parking guidance from Parking Logix, and increase revenues by showing oncoming cars that your facility has room for them.

How OpenSpace™ can add value to your asset:

  • Alert oncoming motorists of available spaces and direct them into your facility to increase both attendance and revenues
  • Reduce time visitors spend looking for available spaces and reduce the stress of parking
  • Provide parking count data for all tenants and stakeholders who may want to share parking data with their visitors through 3rd party apps
  • Bolster tenant revenues as local stakeholders share in the benefits of marketing and promotion of your facility
  • Reduce emissions by decreasing circulation around your facility
  • Get a clear audit trail for event parking scenarios by tracking ingress and egress with ticket counts
  • Provide valuable count data to model revenue pricing scenarios to optimize revenues