University parking operations deal with some of the most difficult challenges in the industry – peak ingress and egress periods, high frequency of special events, large numbers of varying parking facility sizes and uses, and helping students get to class on time!


With peak ingress times in student and staff lots during the morning hours, OpenSpace™ can minimize early class time congestion and help guide students and staff to available spots or facilities, creating a more efficient parking operation each morning and whenever lots tend to be fullest.

OpenSpace™ can:

  • Fill your lots more efficiently by guiding students to areas with available parking spots
  • Reduce carbon emissions and make your campus greener by reducing vehicle miles travelled
  • Improve commuting time and reduce congestion during pre-class hours by providing data to drivers before they leave their homes
  • Send capacity alerts to regular parkers so they are aware of capacity issues prior to embarking to their destination
  • Provide you with utilization data to be used for more informed parking development decisions
  • Perform statistical analysis of parking demand to highlight areas where parking inventory and price adjustments should be made
  • Share parking space availability data with local businesses or student services to help visitors make the best informed parking decisions
  • Provide you with a clear audit trail for event parking to proactively audit ticket revenues by matching count data to tickets sold and sourcing data by entry point