Improve your payment compliance and enforcement with the real time occupancy data from Parking Logix. For the first time, parking managers can compare our real time counts with payment details from unmanned facilities to reveal payment compliance across their portfolio.

Enforcement Shield Image

With OpenSpace™, un-manned facilities just got a new tool for enforcement!

How OpenSpace™ can assist in enforcing your un-manned parking Asset:

  • Get our real time occupancy data to match to real time payment records from your revenue equipment to find out what % of your parkers are paying at any given time
  • Use historical data to compile with revenue reports to determine which days and times are best for alerting enforcement personnel
  • Reduce time looking for vagrant parkers and only enforce sites with low payment compliance
  • Get a portfolio view across multiple parking assets to determine overall parker compliance with integrated reporting
  • Use our system for a few weeks in any given lot, and remove and start again in a new one with the same equipment!
  • Provide valuable compliance data to model revenue pricing scenarios to optimize revenues