Improve event traffic with OpenSpace – the only system that can be installed on game day!! Direct drivers to temporary lots through our digital signage and app integration, and make your event traffic run smoothly. Also, use your OpenSpace system to match count data to ticket sales to reveal payment compliance to audit your event parking program.

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With OpenSpace™, your events just got “Real”! (Real-time that is!)

How OpenSpace™ can assist in taking the stress out of Event parking:

  • Put down our sensors on game day and get set-up in just a few hours!
  • Our signs can be battery powered, allowing you to put them anywhere you need to direct traffic
  • Change parking counts on the fly, and update online apps in real time for event day
  • Get our real time occupancy data to match to real time payment records from your event revenue equipment to find out what % of your parkers are paying
  • Use historical data to compile with revenue reports to determine which days or lots are best for business
  • Get a portfolio view across multiple parking assets to determine traffic levels for future events