Loading Zone

The new loading zone platform by Parking Logix helps cities monitor, regulate and manage restricted parking areas and loading or unloading zones.

With the proliferation of shipping and delivery services, loading zones and restricted parking areas are busier than ever.
Now you can stay in control of these areas with our simple, intuitive parking zone platform

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Smart Sign

Smart Road Sign

Interactive Smart Signs show drivers instructions so they can use the system as soon as they park. The sign shares data with the parking zone apps.
Driver App

App For Drivers

The Driver App, which can be operated hands free, shows drivers the estimated occupancy and parking conditions as they approach and calculates time is spent in the loading zone.
Management App

App For Managers

The Management App gives your operators real-time access to data on each vehicle and their use of the loading zones or restricted parking zones.

Back Office

The Loading Zone Backend gives you detailed data on each zone so you can analyze and create reports on occupancy and usage and integrate data with other smart city logistics.

Why choose Loading Zone with Parking Logix?

The new Parking Logix loading zone management system gives you extremely accurate data in real-time about each specified parking zone and the vehicles that are using it. The platform allows for different usage based on the vehicle use (professional, individual, handicapped, environmental designation etc) and the zone type (loading/unloading zone, time limited parking, authorized vehicles only, etc.)  Our loading zone system is designed to minimize phone power consumption without compromising on accuracy.

What does Loading Zone actually do?

Loading Zone from Parking Logix keeps track of the types and number of vehicles using your restricted parking zones or loading zones. When a driver enters the parking zone, he registers with his app. When he leaves, he enters that into his app as well. This gives you valuable data on parking zone usage. Parking conditions can be set based on location and daily schedule and modified based on ongoing data trends. The loading zone management platform app works hands free so that drivers can use it without compromising their safety.

Ideal For Use In:

Load/Unload Zone
Load/Unload Zones
Restricted Parking
Restricted parking zones
Electric Vehicle Parking
Electric vehicle charging
Commercial Vehicle Parking
Commercial parking only
Limited Time Parking
Limited time parking areas
Bus Zone Parking
Bus zones