Keep track of available parking spots and share data with drivers across multiple mediums. Without ever wiring sensors into your spots.

Wireless Parking Counting

OpenSpace parking counters work right out of the box, no complicated wiring necessary.

Accuracy You Can Count On

Our simple intuitive system offers over 99% accuracy, offering data you and your customers can trust.

Seamless Data Integration

Parking data collected by OpenSpace can be displayed on our LED signs, your website, and integrated apps.

Curious how OpenSpace works?

OpenSpace sensors are installed in rubber speed humps or directly into road surfaces. OpenSpace parking counting minimizes costs and eliminates complicated installation. Sensors are installed only at ingress and egress area unlike traditional counting systems that install sensors into every spot.  Parking counting with OpenSpace is just as accurate but a whole lot simpler, and dare we say, smarter.

Data collected from OpenSpace is displayed on bright LED signs we customize to your needs. Drivers see data right where they need it so they know exactly where they should or shouldn’t look for parking. Your parking counting data can also be automatically displayed in real time on your website as well as on integrated apps. You can view real time parking counting data and download detailed reports right from your desk with the zero footprint OpenSpace Cloud.