When skiiers and boarders finally reach your beautiful resort, how much time do they waste looking for somewhere to park?

Skiing in the open air on a sunny winter day is exhilarating. Looking for parking isn’t. That’s why we’re helping ski resorts take the stress out of parking. We keep track of and share real-time parking data with your customers so they can park faster and get onto the slopes sooner.

Parking Logix is the premier provider of wireless parking counting solutions in the U.S.

Our parking counting system, OpenSpace is currently used in hundreds of parking lots across the country, including 60 parking lots in ski resorts across the U.S.

OpenSpace uses solar power and wireless communication with no on-site power required. The platform collects parking availability data and shares it with your customers on brightly LED signs and even on your website and app.

Get customers into parking spots faster and prevent needless circling and the frustrating search for parking.

Get full access to parking data and reports so you can glean insights into how and when your parking is being used. And help skiiers and boarders spend more time on the slopes and less time searching for somewhere to park.

Book a slot and let’s talk about how parking guidance can improve your customer experience.