Why Parking Guidance?

Increase revenue

Parking guidance increases attendance – and more people means more revenue. It’s that simple. If you can show drivers where and when spaces are available, you will fill them more easily, thereby reducing empty spaces and improving your bottom line.

Improve customer service

Serve your customers better by decreasing their time spent looking for parking and reducing the stressfulness of the experience. Finding a spot quickly is a satisfying experience, and satisfied parkers come back.

Decrease pollution

With thousands of cars spending untold time circling for parking spaces, the emissions pollution on our environment is considerable. Reduce emissions and congestion by guiding searchers into spots faster.

Understanding your facility

Knowing traffic patterns is essential for both revenue and non-revenue parking facilities to fully understand parker demand. Count system data can help determine the right rates, when to deploy valet drivers, and to aid in making development or asset sale decisions.

Parking Logix Minute

A survey of 1,000 parkers offers surprising insight. Published in The Parking Professional.

The Parking Logix Advantage


More Accurate

Sensors are more accurate than traditional loop-based or infra-red counting systems.

More Economical

Our solutions are 40% – 60% cheaper than any other standalone counting system on the market.

Easier to Install

Wireless sensors and solar powered digital signage allows for system to be installed in under 3-4 hours.