2 Year Warranty

All components of the system are covered by a top to bottom 2 year warranty under normal use.


Wireless sensors offer greater accuracy than traditional loops or Infra-red counting systems


At 40% – %60 less than other standalone counting systems, we ensure that you get better accuracy at a better price.

Customized Reports

Generate customized reports on vehicle count data, ingress and egress, and capacity levels to better manage your asset.

Ease of Use

OpenSpace™ is a simple and durable plug n play solution that is easy enough for anyone to install and use.

Environmentally Friendly

OpenSpace™ reduces the time vehicles spend circulating, wasting emissions and creating congestion, by directing drivers to parking spots that are available.

Improved Customer Service

Provides better service to your customers by decreasing the frustration associated with looking for parking spots.


Intelligent parking system can differentiate between vehicle and non-vehicle traffic (bicycles, shopping carts, etc) for highly accurate parking counts.

Real-time Data

Data is updated in under 3 seconds so that the information drivers see on your sign is always accurate and up to date.


Distinguishes between tailgating cars so that each one is counted individually.

Web Services

With OS cloud you get real time dashboard updates, analytics and API tools for website and app integration.


No cables, wiring, or conduits needed. Where solar power is not available, locations will only require local power for VMS operations.