The OpenSpace System

  • Imagine a parking counter that actually gives you accurate counts.
  • Imagine a complete system that can be installed and ready to go in under a few hours.
  • Imagine a counting system that is completely wireless, just plug n play.

Introducing OpenSpace –The accurate, quick install, wireless parking counting system. Imagine that.

The OpenSpace™ solution is the most accurate, simple to install, and cost effective smart parking management system you’ve ever tried. It’s as easy as C C C – Count, Communicate, and Control. Using wireless parking sensors embedded into speed humps, variable messaging signs providing real time data, and analytical software, OpenSpace™ is the smart parking guidance solution that will fill your open spaces.


The OpenSpace™ smart parking management solution begins with wireless parking sensors that are embedded into low-profile rubber humps. These parking sensors detect cars as they enter and leave any off- street parking facility, and are designed to count cars, and not bicycles or nearby traffic. This means you get accurate vehicle counts that include vehicles, while ignoring non-car movements and interference.

The data that is recorded by the wireless sensors is then relayed to the variable message sign via the cloud so that your parking management data is safe and instantly available. OpenSpace™ parking sensors have an average battery life of 3-4 years, and come with a full 2-Year Warranty.


The OpenSpace smart parking guidance system involves ongoing, up-to-the-minute wireless communication between each of the system elements- the wireless sensors, parking lot signs, and end user apps and technology.

The wireless parking sensors communicate data to the OpenSpace Variable Messaging Sign (VMS), a single-faced parking lot sign with a 4-digit LED display. Data is communicated wirelessly with the VMS via zigbee communication. The VMS, operating with either solar or A/C power, then shows the number of available spaces in the facility. Parking counting data is updated in under 3 seconds each time a car is detected by the humps.

The OpenSpace VMS signs can accommodate sim card controllers to communicate parking management data regarding available parking spaces to 3rd party apps, websites, or in-car navigation systems through our partner network.


No matter how perfect a solution is designed, each unique end user often wants to adjust, tweak, or otherwise alter it to better fit their specific needs. Aware of this need, Parking Logix offers OpenSpace™ Pro, a simple to use parking lot software tool that enables you to set times of sign operation, see the numbers of available spots, reset the counter, and get statistics related to garage occupancy. The software is pre-loaded on a small tablet device that connects right to the VMS via Bluetooth as your remote control.

The Software is also available on our OpenSpace Cloud SaaS platform, where data and system control is available anywhere you need it to be through simple access dashboard.

  • No local PC needed to run the system
  • No miles of conduit and cable from a PC or control box to the signs
  • A remote control that gives you all the control you need