How much is this going to cost me?

If you’ve been reading our newsletters, visiting our booth at trade shows, or checking out our website, chances are that you know we offer parking guidance without all the pesky wires most systems use. You also probably know that our accuracy is pretty amazing– our sensors can pinpoint vehicle movements versus bicycles or pedestrians, and know when a vehicle is simply passing or actually entering your lot. But did you know you may be able to use the OpenSpace system without paying a dime?

You’ve got to try this 

Some things are life are too good to be true. This is not one of them. At Parking Logix, we believe that our simple-to-install smart parking system will have you so wowed that we don’t mind letting you try it out for yourself. We’re that sure you’ll love it. Eligible parking lots can receive an entire OpenSpace system to try for yourselves. This free trial is available for a limited time based on location and other eligibility criteria.

Smart parking technology simply makes sense. In today’s day and age, people are used to getting what they want immediately. The patience required to search for a spot is often replaced by immediate need, particularly when time constraints are an issue. When people know exactly how many spots are available, they can make a better decision about where to park. Parking guidance often equals more parkers, as well as more repeat parkers who know they can depend on your lot for accurate parking data.

Wait, do you really mean free?

We really mean free. For a limited time, Parking Logix is offering a 30-90 day trial based on eligibility, which means you can get an OpenSpace system, including the sensor embedded rubber speed humps, driver feedback sign, and OpenSpace Cloud to try before you buy. It’s parking guidance like you’ve never seen it, no wires, easy to install, remarkably accurate, and free. Now how’s that for smart parking?