The Parking Logix Advantage


More Accurate

Sensors are more accurate than traditional loop-based or infra-red counting systems.


More Economical

Our solutions are 40% – 60% cheaper than any other standalone counting system on the market.


Easier to Install

Wireless sensors and solar powered digital signage allows for system to be installed in under 3-4 hours.

Parking Logix will help you fill the spots in your lot while enhancing the parking experience for all parkers.

With simple to use, highly accurate, and cost effective technology, our parking guidance solutions will direct oncoming motorists to your facility through external messaging signs and mobile apps.

At any given time, nearly 1/3 of drivers on roads are looking for parking spots. That search translates into lost revenue for lot owners, wasted emissions in the environment, and loss of time and money for drivers. Parking Logix smart parking solutions use wireless parking sensors embedded into recycled rubber speed humps. These sensors detect vehicle movement and transmit data to users via message signs.

With unparalleled accuracy, our OpenSpace parking management system helps fill the spots in your parking lot while decreasing customer frustration and ensuring that drivers trust your parking counting data. The results is better parking lot management and happier customers.

With the lowest total cost of ownership of any other intelligent parking system, amazing versatility, and remarkably simple installation methods, Parking Logix is leading the way to better, easier and more cost-effective parking guidance.

The OpenSpace™ system is the most accurate, simple to install, and cost effective smart-parking guidance system.

The OpenSpace™ functionality is as easy as C C C – Count, Communicate, and Control: