Parking Ponderings

Throwback to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PL Style

You don’t want to miss this.

At this year’s IPI, we’ll be doing a fabulous throwback to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: every chocolate bar we’re giving out in our booth could be the lucky one- worth a complete OpenSpace system valued at up to $7,500!

We will be exhibiting our parking solutions and launching a brand […]

Product Spotlight: Encapsulated Sensors

The Brilliance of Entry Sensors
We’ve long since extolled the amazing cost benefits and convenience of having highly accurate sensors count cars as they enter and exit your lot, rather than undertaking the laborious process and prohibitive cost of installing sensors in every spot. To keep cars moving at a safe pace and ensure easy installation, our […]

Parking Counting for Everyone

Luxury Technology
Back in the day (as in before we came around), parking counting technology was a luxury reserved for only the most elite parking lots. With cabling and conduit required for every parking spot and lengthy, labor-intensive installation, parking guidance was quite a costly proposition and was available to mostly high end shopping centers and […]

Parking Logix at the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE)

You don’t want to miss this.

Parking Logix will be exhibiting from March 5-8 at the first parking event of the year, the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE).

This year’s PIE will showcase the latest releases in the parking industry. For the first time ever, the exhibit will target parking groups by industry, for mo
re focused, relevant parking […]

Completely wireless, simple to install, and FREE?!

How much is this going to cost me?
If you’ve been reading our newsletters, visiting our booth at trade shows, or checking out our website, chances are that you know we offer parking guidance without all the pesky wires most systems use. You also probably know that our accuracy is pretty amazing- our sensors can pinpoint […]

Fresh Starts, Big Dreams, and Full Spots

New Year’s Resolutions
You’re never going to eat fried food again, will bike everywhere instead of driving, and won’t ever look at your phone again during dinner. The New Year offers a fresh new slate and people everywhere are committing to noble pursuits and lifelong change. For parking lot managers, that means committing to filling empty […]

Is a Full Lot Always a Good Thing?

Parking Lot Full 
Your lot is completely full and every spot is paid for. That’s a good thing, right? Actually, it depends. A full lot means your revenue stream is healthy. It signals to retailers and tenants that you’re in a popular location, potentially encouraging higher occupancy. It demonstrates positive use of real estate and shows competing sites that […]

Green Parking Amid Grey Soot

Greening Up
Cars, driving, and parking are decidedly un-green. From fuel emissions to pollution, obstruction of green space to vehicle noise, parking can be hard on the environment. The parking industry has recently made significant inroads to creating more sustainable, greener parkinglots and structures. With newly established standards and benchmarks, the parking industry is taking significant […]

Groundbreaking Wireless Parking Technology for Multi Level Lots

Multi-Level, Simple-Count 
The pioneering OpenSpace system, developed by Parking Logix, turned parking counting on its head with completely wireless parking counting. Now, we’re introducing the same plug-n-play solution for multi-level lots and once again changing the face of parking counting.

Any Open Spots?
In on-street environments, open spaces are typically visible to drivers as they travel. In off […]

Parking Design and Human Nature

Who’s Parking Here?
A parking lot is simply a place to park isn’t it? Actually, no. Every parking structure serves a different purpose, and adhering to that purpose can make the difference between a lot that serves customers well and one that doesn’t. Take a peek at some potential parkers and see why design and circumstance need […]