Parking Ponderings

Is a Full Lot Always a Good Thing?

Parking Lot Full 
Your lot is completely full and every spot is paid for. That’s a good thing, right? Actually, it depends. A full lot means your revenue stream is healthy. It signals to retailers and tenants that you’re in a popular location, potentially encouraging higher occupancy. It demonstrates positive use of real estate and shows competing sites that […]

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Green Parking Amid Grey Soot

Greening Up
Cars, driving, and parking are decidedly un-green. From fuel emissions to pollution, obstruction of green space to vehicle noise, parking can be hard on the environment. The parking industry has recently made significant inroads to creating more sustainable, greener parkinglots and structures. With newly established standards and benchmarks, the parking industry is taking significant […]

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Groundbreaking Wireless Parking Technology for Multi Level Lots

Multi-Level, Simple-Count 
The pioneering OpenSpace system, developed by Parking Logix, turned parking counting on its head with completely wireless parking counting. Now, we’re introducing the same plug-n-play solution for multi-level lots and once again changing the face of parking counting.

Any Open Spots?
In on-street environments, open spaces are typically visible to drivers as they travel. In off […]

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Parking Design and Human Nature

Who’s Parking Here?
A parking lot is simply a place to park isn’t it? Actually, no. Every parking structure serves a different purpose, and adhering to that purpose can make the difference between a lot that serves customers well and one that doesn’t. Take a peek at some potential parkers and see why design and circumstance need […]

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Feature Spotlight: OpenSpace Tablet

Welcome to the Future
Remember trying to figure out which buttons you had to press to activate, deactivate, or program a system? Or where to plug which wire without accidentally messing everything up? Or needing a technician to help you figure it all out? We’re here to help you forget all that. If you can swipe your […]

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Parking Apps & Distracted Driving

Parking Apps & Distracted Driving

Instant Gratification
There’s no denying it; today’s drivers are distracted. In fact, today’s people are distracted. Faced by a constant onslaught of new information, quick videos, and constant contact, people simply can’t focus. A NY Times article calls the constant stream of stimuli people encounter “a profound….challenge to focusing….,” while a Boston Globe […]

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Webinar Available: Parking Counting Technology and Academic Environments

Our recent webinar, Parking Counting Technology and Academic Environments, is now available online here.

The unique scheduling and structure of a college environment creates its own set of challenges for effective parking lots. Teachers and students are always in a rush to get to class on time and don’t want to waste valuable time searching for […]

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Parking Guidance and Universities – What you need to know

Parking Guidance and Universities 
Like municipal parking operations, universities and colleges represent some of the most challenging and dynamic environments in the industry. With peak ingress periods of tens of thousands that descend upon campus each morning, huge events that attract both regular and first time visitors, unending variety of various permits programs, and some of […]

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Events Parking

Peaceful Parking or Pandemonium?

Keeping the parking process running smoothly at events presents unique challenges for lot owners and managers. Not only is ingress at its peak right before events, but often it is in lots that are not used to such high concentrations of parkers. When a large percentage of your business is conducted in […]

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Creating a Commodity

Valuable Commodities

When you think of commodities, the first things that jump to mind are probably gold, oil, or diamonds, with parking spots unlikely to make an appearance. But why not? Parking is, in fact, quite the commodity. It’s needed by everyone (who drives), often can be hard to come by, and can be quite valuable in […]

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