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Want a Quick Trick to Grow Parking Utilization?

The parking lot at your airport is a valuable resource- and one that is very possibly underutilized. Are spots in some areas sitting empty while other areas fill quickly? Drivers often tend to look in the same areas again and again without paying attention to or being aware of other less utilized areas.

The end result?

Frustrated […]

Conference in the Carolinas

Later this month, parking administrators, suppliers, managers, and vendors from across the Carolinas will gather in Hilton Head for the Carolinas Parking Association Annual Conference & Tradeshow.

Parking Logix will be exhibiting our plug-n-play, wireless parking counting solutions at the conference.

Installed in hospitals, universities, and municipal lots across the country, OpenSpace is revolutionizing parking counting with […]

What Are Parkers Really Thinking? Part 1

If you’re reading this, chances are good you’re a lot owner, manager, or operator. With parking spots to fill. You know that there is parking out there; in fact you may even think there’s too much of it.

That’s not what people think though.

Parking Logix recently conducted an Omnibus survey of 1,000 randomly selected drivers from […]

Are You Selling Enough Parking Permits?

For lots that sell parking permits, selling the right number can be tricky.

Chances are even if you sell a permit for every single spot in your lot, your parking facility will never be full.

Why not? People do things other than park (shocker!). They travel, visit the dentist, take time off, some even visit the […]

Will Students be Late Because They Can’t Find Parking?

A new year is about to begin. Your classrooms are about to fill with the voices of professors; your halls with the laughter of students.

But what if students can’t get there on time?

Getting to class late is more than an irritation- it disrupts the professor, denies the student an introduction to the day’s material, and […]

Is Parking Counting Green?

Parking counting systems boil down to one simple principle: They give drivers the right information at the right time so they can get into spots with the minimum search time possible.

And that’s not only good for drivers and for lot owners, it’s also good for the environment.

Studies show that as much as 30% of […]

What Reduces Emissions and Improves Safety?

At any given time, hospital parking lots are host to a varied and busy cross section of people. With hospital administrators, health care providers, patients, visitors, corporate representatives, and emergency vehicles, there is rarely quiet on the streets and parking lots of medical centers.

Couple that with people walking in and out of hospital buildings, often […]

What Can Parking Guidance Do for You?

Parking guidance systems let drivers know where and when parking spots are available.

So what?

How does parking guidance benefit lot owners? How does it improve your bottom line?

Firstly, parking counting systems like OpenSpace help you offer better customer service. Nobody likes looking for a spot. By letting drivers know how many spots are available and […]

Can Better Downtown Parking Help Boost Business in Your City?

A healthy downtown area where stores are walkable and easy to access generates robust sales and creates jobs, contributing to a vibrant economy for your city. Studies show that people who visit downtown businesses by foot return more often and spend more time and money. Ed McMahon of the Urban Land Institute went so far […]

Are Your Employees Fed Up with the Search for a Spot?

Your staff wants to get to work on time. They leave their houses with ample time, track the best route before they leave, and maybe even finish getting dressed in their cars. But what goes wrong between then and when they rush into work 20 minutes late?

Companies don’t want to lose the productivity of employees […]