The Brilliance of Entry Sensors

We’ve long since extolled the amazing cost benefits and convenience of having highly accurate sensors count cars as they enter and exit your lot, rather than undertaking the laborious process and prohibitive cost of installing sensors in every spot. To keep cars moving at a safe pace and ensure easy installation, our sensors are embedded into rubber speed humps that are simply bolted or glued down at your lots’ entry and exit points. Same accurate counts for a lot less money and time.


What About Snow Plows?

As flowers bud and weather warms, it’s hard to think back to snowy days just a few weeks ago. However, this winter, some of the lots that were using OpenSpace were (rightfully) concerned about snow plows accidentally lifting up and damaging the speed humps– and the sensors they contained. At Parking Logix, our goal is to create parking counting solutions that everyone can use- even those prone to snowfall. But how could we install sensors at these locations without risking damage?


Same Accuracy & Low Cost, No Hump

At Parking Logix, we’re committed to our value proposition: affordability, accuracy, and easy installation. We took this exact same approach to snow covered areas and created something just as innovative as the in-hump sensors. We developed a heavy duty weather-resistant sensor enclosure that can be installed flush with the pavement in a matter minutes. Same accuracy and simple installation, now snow-plow proof.

The Choice is Yours

With our new encapsulated sensor, we are now proud to offer OpenSpace solutions with a choice of sensor applications. You can install the encapsulated sensor right into the road surface or choose a speed hump that will slow cars as it counts them. Either way, you get the simple installation, accuracy, and low cost of entry/exit sensors without the hassle of embedded loops and running power to your access ints.  Your lot, your choice. We’re just here to help.