Almost That Time of Year

No, we don’t mean spring. It’s only February and you’ve got lots of cold ahead of you still. Sorry.

But it’s almost as exciting as the end of cold weather- it’s the long awaited PIE show! It happens just once a year and it’s only one month away.

The Parking Industry Expo gives you a chance to […]

Are Your Parking Lots Equipped for the Pre-Flight Rush?

We’re in the thick of winter, which once again seems like it’s here to stay. People are ready for a break, whether it’s to head to warmer climates for some sun or out onto the slopes to make the most of the snow. Airports are full of people heading out for a welcome respite from […]

Eugene, OR

In a city with plans to host the largest sporting event in the world in 2021, OpenSpace provides the wayfinding system the city needs for the expected influx of parkers while helping with everyday parking needs.

Illinois State University

Illinois State University (ISU) discovers the Parking Logix OpenSpace system to help better streamline student parking in University garages.

Seattle Children’s Hospital

At Seattle Children’s Hospital, OpenSpace parking guidance systems upgrade the parking experience for parents, visitors, employees, and parking staff.

Knoxville, TN

In Knoxville, TN, a plan to equip two parking garages with parking counting mushrooms into a city-wide system to improve parking availability.

University of Delaware

When University of Delaware decided to remove its outdated loop-based parking lot gate system, the Parking Logix OpenSpace platform helped them count vehicle ingress and egress to keep track of lot utilization

Are Your Lots Producing the Revenue You Expect?

If you manage or operate city parking lots, you may be left scratching your head wondering why certain lots are always full while others have spots that sit empty no matter what. What if there was an easy way to fill those spots to maximize your parking resource and increase revenue?

Empty spots don’t benefit anyone. […]

Baylor University

With its large student population and expansive campus, Baylor University was aware that students were often pressed for time and struggling to park quickly so they could get to class on time. The unpredictability of college schedules made it difficult for students to estimate when and where spots would be available. Students were frustrated and often would need to circle an entire garage before concluding that no spots were available and starting the whole process again in another garage.

A Simple Way to Reduce Stress for Your Patients

As you probably know, most people arriving at hospitals are already under stress. While some drivers are simply employees, or better yet arriving to give birth or visit new babies, much more of them are coming for medical procedures or to visit sick family members. The last thing they want to be busy with is […]