New Year’s Resolutions

You’re never going to eat fried food again, will bike everywhere instead of driving, and won’t ever look at your phone again during dinner. The New Year offers a fresh new slate and people everywhere are committing to noble pursuits and lifelong change. For parking lot managers, that means committing to filling empty spots, building better revenue models, and offering better customer service.

Um, Just Kidding 

Turns out, halfway into January you’re most likely eating fried chicken staring at a screen and about to get into your car. A staggering 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail each year. And there’s a good reason for that. While ambitious, life-changing resolutions are appealing, they’re too overwhelming to implement. Want to fill every spot in your lot? Make every customer happy? Setting goals that aren’t attainable make it difficult to even start.

Start Small

While small, incremental changes don’t make headlines, they do make for real, lasting change. Start small, say cutting out fried foods on weekdays or investing in a simple parking lot counting solution and work your way up to getting where you want to go. Fill more spots than you used to, stay just a bit healthier, and chances are that while your steps are small, you’re on the road to something big.

End Big

Making lofty resolutions at the start of a new year seems exhilarating. But small incremental changes all year long are more likely to result in real change. Start your year with plans to fill every spot, make every customer happy, and make tons more money and chances are next January will be much like this one. Resolve instead to take real, simple steps to creating better parking, and you may just surprise yourself by how different your lot looks come 2018.

Parking News 

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