Are Your Customers Happy?

As a parking lot owner or manager, you probably often wonder how you will fill the spots in your lot and improve your lot’s revenue. Chances are, you spend a lot less time wondering if your customers are happy and what you can do about it. Parking can often be stressful as drivers are pressed for time and anxious to reach their destination. A positive parking experience, however, makes people a lot more likely to park in your lot again.


How Can Parking Counting Help?

Part of what makes parking so stressful is the unknown. Drivers can circle an entire lot, find no parking, and have to start their search anew. When people factor driving time to their destination, they often forget to include a window for parking and may get frustrated and upset at the wasted time. Parking counting removes the unknown element by letting drivers know exactly how many spots are available in your lot. That information can play a pivotal role in improving the parking experience.

Now Multi-Level & Multi-Lot

When you have several levels to your lot, or a location with several different parking lots, offering even more granular data can help get drivers into spots quickly and minimize wasted time. OpenSpace multi-level and multi-lot signs can let drivers know exactly how many spots are available on each level or in each lot so that drivers can make educated decisions about where to look for parking. And improving that parking experience doesn’t just make for happy parkers- it makes for repeat customers.

How Can Parking Counting Help?

Parking counting systems can be expensive. All those sensors and all that wiring is costly and labor-intensive. At Parking Logix, we don’t want you to have to wait years to see a return on your investment. Our simple no-dig, wire-free system puts sensors only at ingress and egress pointsand embeds them into speed humps for ease of use. The results is a solution that costs a whole lot less, offers the same benefits, and improves your bottom line almost instantly. Happy parkers for a lot less.