Luxury Technology

Back in the day (as in before we came around), parking counting technology was a luxury reserved for only the most elite parking lots. With cabling and conduit required for every parking spot and lengthy, labor-intensive installation, parking guidance was quite a costly proposition and was available to mostly high end shopping centers and airports. Modern home design used to be expensive too. Then along came Ikea. We like to think of ourselves at Parking Logix as
the Ikea of parking counting.


For a Lot Less

Parking Logix was created with the idea that we could provide parking counting at a price point nearly every lot could afford without compromising on accuracy and quality. Our revolutionary parking counting system, OpenSpace, achieves just what we set out to do. At a fraction of the cost of the big guys, our system offers superior accuracy, simple to install wireless sensors at entry and exit points, and plug n play VMS installation It’s parking guidance for everyone.

Plus Perks

While our goal was to create an affordable solution, the OpenSpace advantage goes beyond just pricing. Our sensor based system offers superior accuracy to traditional loop-based counting platforms typically associated with parking access and revenue control equipment. Wireless technology means none of the extensive installation time required of other parking counting systems and plug-n-play ensures that the technology is ready to go just hours after you receive it.


Return on Investment

While the OpenSpace system costs less and offers more, we also believe in ensuring that our customers get a good return on investment. With variable message signs conveying real-time data to drivers looking for spots, smarter sensors, and the ability to integrate real time occupancy data with parking apps, OpenSpace will keep your customers happy. And happy customers are repeat customers, keeping your lot full and revenues high.