Can Fans Find Spots When They Need Them?

It’s the day of the big game. Your venue is scheduled to fill up, ticket sales are booming. What can go wrong?

How about crowds of angry, annoyed, frustrated people?

When your customers head out for a day of fun, they don’t want to start it off by circling endlessly in search of parking. No one likes […]

How Long Does it Take Patients to Find Parking?

Most people visiting hospitals are under stress. They want to get to appointments on time, are concerned about results or procedures, or are visiting loved ones who are ill. No one wants the added stress of looking endlessly for parking.

But hey, there’s nothing you can do about that, right?

Think again.

Keeping track of vehicles going in and […]

Keeping Yourself, and Your Lot, in Shape

How About a Free Fitbit?
The last weeks of summer are here and we’re all trying to get the most out of them with trips to the beach, pool, and lake. Now is the time to squeeze in that last minute exercise for your healthiest and best looking summer. What’s the best way to make sure you’re getting enough exercise? […]

Walk Smart, Park Smart and Win a Fitbit® Alta

Walk Smart, Park Smart

You know that feeling when it seems like you keep walking but the weight’s going nowhere? There’s a better way to make sure you’re getting enough exercise.

Devices like the Fitbit® keep track of every step so you know when you’re walking enough, and when you’re not. But what does that have to do […]

Happier Customers= Better Bottom Line

Are Your Customers Happy?
As a parking lot owner or manager, you probably often wonder how you will fill the spots in your lot and improve your lot’s revenue. Chances are, you spend a lot less time wondering if your customers are happy and what you can do about it. Parking can often be stressful as drivers are pressed for […]

An Unexpected Benefit of Parking Counting

Are Your Spots Paid for?
As more lots move from gated & controlled to self-directed payment, asset owners are often left to wonder: are parkers always paying for their spots? Is non-compliance an issue? How often, when, and where? For smaller lots, a quick manual check of car dashboards can ensure that drivers are paying but […]

Throwback to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory PL Style

You don’t want to miss this.

At this year’s IPI, we’ll be doing a fabulous throwback to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: every chocolate bar we’re giving out in our booth could be the lucky one- worth a complete OpenSpace system valued at up to $7,500!

We will be exhibiting our parking solutions and launching a brand […]

Product Spotlight: Encapsulated Sensors

The Brilliance of Entry Sensors
We’ve long since extolled the amazing cost benefits and convenience of having highly accurate sensors count cars as they enter and exit your lot, rather than undertaking the laborious process and prohibitive cost of installing sensors in every spot. To keep cars moving at a safe pace and ensure easy installation, our […]

Parking Counting for Everyone

Luxury Technology
Back in the day (as in before we came around), parking counting technology was a luxury reserved for only the most elite parking lots. With cabling and conduit required for every parking spot and lengthy, labor-intensive installation, parking guidance was quite a costly proposition and was available to mostly high end shopping centers and […]

Parking Logix at the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE)

You don’t want to miss this.

Parking Logix will be exhibiting from March 5-8 at the first parking event of the year, the Parking Industry Exhibition (PIE).

This year’s PIE will showcase the latest releases in the parking industry. For the first time ever, the exhibit will target parking groups by industry, for mo
re focused, relevant parking […]